Bryan Cranston to Write Breaking Bad Memoir

Posted on April 5, 2014 by
Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

I’m still in denial that Breaking Bad is over. After it’s fifth and final season ended in September 2013, fans like myself have been mourning the show’s anti-hero Walter White and his protégé  Jesse Pinkman on their ever-growing meth empire.

But there’s good news. While we’re anxiously awaiting the spin-off series Better Call Saulthe show’s star Bryan Cranston has announced that he is going to write a memoir about his time on the show in which he won three Emmys portraying Mr. White.

“With this book, I want to tell the stories of my life and reveal the secrets and lies that I lived with for six years shooting ‘Breaking Bad,’ ”  he said in a press release.

The book, which hasn’t released a name yet, will be “a deeply candid work” and “offer fascinating insights into his early years, the craft of acting, and his experiences on the landmark series ‘Breaking Bad.'”

The book is set to release in 2015.

But as for now, keep on marathoning the show and pretend it never ended.

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