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James Franco Tried to Hook-up With A 17-year-old Fan in New York

Posted on April 4, 2014 by
James Franco

Admit it: you’ve probably fantasized about meeting your favourite celeb to only have him or her fall in love with you, but would it actually be as great as you thought it would be?

Things got a little creepy for 17-year-old Lucy Clode when she started getting messages from actor James Franco.

It all started when Clode, a fan, waited outside after a showing of Broadway’s Of Mice and Men (which Franco currently stars in) and took a video of the actor leaving. She later uploaded it onto Instagram, tagging the actor in it. Various reports circling the net say Franco then started sending Clode personal messages on Instagram, exchanging numbers and inviting her to a hotel room.

Part of James Franco's Private Instagram conversation with Lucy Clode

SOURCE: Cambio

Part of James Franco's text conversation with Lucy Clode

SOURCE: Cambio

We can’t blame Clode for wanting to talk to a Hollywood leading man (we wouldn’t say no), but Franco crossed the line with all the personal messages.

It is, however, a little interesting as this story sounds just like the plot of Franco’s upcoming movie, Palo Alto. Based on short stories written by Franco, the film explores the teenage experience in America and includes a story of a teacher (Franco) hooking up with a student (Emma Roberts).

Check out the trailer:

We know James Franco is a storyteller, so could this Lucy Clode scandal just be one of his stories come to life? Some people believe it’s a publicity hoax to help promote Palo Alto (set for limited release on May 9). Given that the apparent exchange happened on April Fool’s Day, and how often these scandals happen, it makes sense to be skeptical.

When searching Lucy Clode on Twitter, JamesFrancoTV is the only account to appear in the results. Sites like Heavy claim to have screen shots of the Scottish girl’s account. Her Twitter and Instagram have since been deleted, along with Franco’s reply. After the news broke, Franco felt the need to share that he’s not “thirsty for underage ones.”

James Franco deleted Instagram post about not being "thirsty for underage girls"


James Franco appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Michael Friday morning and owned up to the personal message exchange with Lucy Clode — but in a vague way. And while the conversations were completely inappropriate and he technically did try to cover it up with his Instagram post (above), I am glad he publicly addressed the situation fairly quickly.

What do you think about all this? Does it change the way you feel about James Franco?

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