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The Neighbourhood Talk First Make Outs and Crushing on Teachers

Posted on April 2, 2014 by

It feels a little bit weird to be thinking as literally as we are when we hit play over and over again on The Neighbourhood’s break out hit, “Sweater Weather.” After all, the snow is slowly but surely melting as the temperature inches its way past the freezing point like a snail. While we can’t exactly ditch our jackets for sweaters just yet, the California-based band’s dark, infectious, moody tunes is enough to keep us occupied.

They also weren’t afraid to keep ANDPOP’s  Simon Mohos on his toes as The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford (the lead singer) and Zach Abels (guitarist) take a stroll down memory lane in this special black and white episode of Way Back When (it’s just like we’re in one of their music videos!). They talk about crushing on teachers, their first make out session and being heartbroken over missing out on one of Titanic‘s most famous scenes.

What scene do they get emotional over? You have to smack that play button to find out!

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