The Alternative How I Met Your Mother Ending Is Perfect

Posted on April 2, 2014 by

It’s been two days since CBS aired How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale, an ending that many fans have deemed disappointing. But one fan takes matters into his own hands and re-edits the ending to produce one happily ever after the majority of the fan base can get behind.

*Spoiler Alert*

In the actual finale, fans discover that Ted’s wife, Tracy, got sick and died six years before he started telling his kids the story of how he met their mother. His kids quickly come to the conclusion that the long drawn out tale was just a way to confess that Ted was still in love with Robin. And thus, off he goes with the blue horn in hand to start yet another romance with the world-travelling reporter.

In this new edit, YouTube user Ricardo J. Dylan skips the mom’s death to make a much happier ending to the nine season series.

It made us tear up a little — okay, a lot. What do you think?

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