O-Town Is BACK!

Posted on April 1, 2014 by

After ten long years apart, O-Town are once again ready to give us all or nothing at all…*

Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, Trevor Penick and Jacob Underwood announced the good news on Monday will be teasing more in the coming weeks.

“Timing is everything,” they say. “And after ten years, it’s the right time.”

Not only will the band be hitting the road for a tour, they will also release brand new music. So far, there are no details on either. Unfortunately, the fifth member of the band, Ashley Parker Angel, will not be joining the reunion.

The band were originally formed in the reality show Making the Band in 2000 and split up in 2003. Before they broke up, they released such hits such as “Liquid Dreams” and “All Or Nothing” and their self-titled first album sold 1.7 million albums.

*Weak, I know. But after receiving disappointing news that the Spice Girls are definitely not hitting the road with the Backstreet Boys, this is a bit of a godsend for our pop music loving hearts.

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