The Internet Isn’t Happy With The How I Met Your Mother Finale

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How I Met Your Mother Finale

After nine long seasons, the CBS-sitcom How I Met Your Mother has finally come to an end. It’s just too bad Monday night’s hour long finale wasn’t the satisfying conclusion many people hoped it would be.

And before we get any further into what actually went down, we might as well say: *SPOILER ALERT*.

Haven’t seen it but want to know what happens anyways? Perfect. Here’s the Sparksnotes version.

As promised, fans finally got the meet the mother. Her name is Tracy and she and Ted meet at the train station. They spend a lot of time being adorable together, get married and have babies.

Meanwhile, Robin and Barney’s relationship dissolves as Robin’s career takes off. And like that, Robin slowly drifts away from the group and Barney becomes his old man-whoring self.

Lily and Marshall get pregnant with their third child and they decide to leave the apartment but not before throwing an epic Halloween/Goodbye Apartment party. Lily was a whale and it was very cute/funny. Robin shows up and the emotions start to fly as she explains to Lily how she doesn’t really fit into the group anymore. “It’s just never going to be how it was,” she said. “It can’t be. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing.” It’s sad and hits close to home.

Barney gets a kid and finally feels unconditional love!

Then, as many people have predicted, the mom dies. Yeah, that’s right: after nine long seasons of Ted trying to find the love his love, she dies and he ends up with Robin. At least his kids are okay with it; they’re the ones who convince him to call their Aunt Robin.

To be fair, the creators did shoot the ending with the kids back in season two to get over the whole aging problem. They also didn’t take in account how long the series would actually last or how Barney and Robin’s chemistry would blossom over the years.

But it took nine seasons to get us back point A and a lot of people felt like they were cheated out of a satisfying How I Met Your Mother finale.

Here are the best HIMYM reactions so far:











And lastly, 10.


Hey, just be happy it wasn’t as terrible as the Dexter finale. Now that was bad.

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