Sam Smith Breaks Our Hearts In The “Stay With Me” Music Video

Posted on March 28, 2014 by

For those currently heart-broken, in the throes of love or consumed in delusional infatuation, please turn your attention to the U.K.’s Sam Smith.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter has just released the music video for his second solo single, “Stay With Me.” It may not be much plot-wise (Sam walking down the street, singing in his bedroom alone, with a choir in what we presume is a barren church), it’s his heart-wrenching vocals that gets us in this pop ballad about unrequited love. After listening to this song, we may or may not choose to spend the day curled up in our beds feeling all torn up over nothing. If that wasn’t enough, prepare yourself to be weirdly emotionally distraught during this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live as Smith is set to perform.

“Stay With Me” officially drops on May 18 and is off of Sam’s upcoming album, In The Lonely Hour (out May 26). It may be too early to say this but based on this track and his previous single “Lay Me Down,” we predict that it’ll become our go to break-up album.

Sorry, Boyz II Men.

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