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Rejoice! James Lafferty Would Say Yes To A One Tree Hill Reunion

Posted on March 28, 2014 by
James Lafferty photo from JustJared Spotlight

Tree Hill High: home of the Ravens and the place where millions of fans fell in love with the stories and characters of One Tree Hill. While the show ended almost two years ago (can you believe it!?), that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over for good. Between staying connected with fans and cast on Twitter and having OTH marathons thanks to your DVD box sets, then it probably never really ended for you.

Luckily, the possibility of a OTH reunion are starting to look good, like really good, after one of the series’ leads, James Lafferty, a.k.a. Tree Hill’s rich boy/star basketball player/popular guy Nathan Scott, mentioned that he wouldn’t say no to a reunion for the long running show.

“Yeah, enough time would have to pass though. Everybody would be down for something like that. It’s like why not?” Lafferty told Just Jared.

Considering how much Nathan Scott had changed over the course of the series’ nine seasons, it would definitely be interesting to see where he and the rest of the Scott family ended up in the future. And just like OTH super fans, James has a couple of ideas on how Nathan has been living out these past couple of years.

“I’m sure he’d have five or six kids by then. Probably embarking on some new career choice, because he can never seem to stay put in one thing for more than a couple years. And hopefully he’s still devastatingly handsome,” Lafferty says.

Don’t worry James, your latest photo shoot assures us he’s still eye candy.

For the rest of the interview, check out JustJared.com.

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