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It seemed for a while Reign had veered of course but things are coming back around in episode 16, “Monsters.”

In this week’s episode, Bash is back at the castle. Last we saw he was heading back to the French Court to get some help in order to defeat the Darkness who took Rowan. Bash is no longer welcome in the castle so he’s locked up in the dungeon for returning. Luckily, he manages to convince Mary that he really is only back to get backup to beat the monster that lurks in the Blood Woods. His return also rekindled his bromance with Francis — the best part in my opinion.

Francis, Mary and Bash visit Olivia (who’s been kept a secret) and learns the truth about the monster in the woods. Francis wants to do what’s right for his people and protect them, so he and Bash take a group of guards to the place Olivia was held captive. Though they are unable to find the monster, the trip was not a waste. Francis thinks he’s on to a lead when he realizes he is on a frozen pond and crashes into the ice cold water. I may have been screaming, but I was also cheering as Bash ran to save his brother. In that moment everything that had happened didn’t matter. His brother was dying and Bash broke through the ice to save him.

Once back at the castle it was Francis’s turn to save his brother. King Henry interrupts their brotherly bonding with his sword aimed at Bash, the man he exiled but decided to return anyways. Francis then puts himself between Henry and Bash and tries to make his father understand why Bash is back.

Unfortunately, there’s no reasoning with the king; we know he’s gone mad and everyone in the castle can see it.

The episode also follows the “Queen of the Bean” festival. It’s a tradition where the servant women dig through a cake and whoever finds the hidden bean get’s to be the queen for a day. Kitchen maid Penelope won the contest this year and we find out she’s a real piece of work. Catherine’s getting soft and fears King Henry so she coaches Penelope and gets her to give Henry a coma inducing poison. That plan backfires when Penelope’s true intentions are revealed: to get rid of Catherine so she could become Queen. To fulfill her secret plan, she poisons Catherine with the queen’s concoction.

In other castle news, episode 16 sees some more Greith action. Greer’s suitor, Lord Julien of Hungary, is absolutely perfect: kind and attractive, and, most importantly, a noble. But when he catches Greer with Leith, he breaks the engagement. (Which is totally understandable and I still hope Greer and Leith end up together). As a result, she accepts Lord Castleroy’s proposal because Greer needs to marry a nobleman. Leith then joins the army as penance for getting caught kissing Greer — a punishment suggested by Lord Castleroy and a better alternative to jail. Oh, my heart fears for what’s going to happen to this couple.

Lord Julian visiting Greer

SOURCE: The CW’s Reign

In other matchmaking news, Julien is set up with Lola. It’s perfect as Julien fits her prophecy of meeting a dark, handsome stranger! For the sake of Lola, her bastard baby and Frary, I really hope Julien and Lola work out. Plus he’s too attractive to not be made a regular on this show.

With all the match making, the episode was relatively calm — except for the plot twist at the end, anyways. The King has clearly gone completely mental because he forces Kenna and Bash to get married, a ceremony that’s performed in front of Henry, Penelope, Catherine, Nostradamus, Francis, Mary, Greer and Lola. Kenna is a mess because she was expected to marry a royal and now she’s ruined, while Bash is granted the title of Master of Horse and Hunt.

In the early episodes the show toyed with a Bash and Kenna relationship, and I thought they could be good together so it may not all be bad. Bash even protects Kenna during the ceremony when Henry comes at them with a sword. (Very deliberately we were shown that Henry is barefoot. I have no idea what that’s about — maybe it’s a symbolic confirmation that he has indeed gone off the deep end?). We’ll have to see how this works out. I was still hoping (as Bash and Francis were) that Bash would get his own life when he left Court, but I guess that will have to wait.

What do you think about the surprise wedding?

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