It’s Time to “Let It Go” in the Honest Trailer for Frozen

Posted on March 24, 2014 by

Everyone wants a piece of the “Big D” … meaning Disney of course.

The multimedia powerhouse’s latest animated flick, Frozen, hit theatres four months ago but the general population is still not over it.

While I’ve loved the viral success of the film — the gifs, the memes, the covers, the parodies — I’ve never been a die-hard fan. Now there’s another group of people taking a more critical approach to the hit, but in a very lighthearted and comedic way.

YouTube channel, Screen Junkies, released the latest instalment episode in their “Honest Trailer” series in honour of Frozen last week. In every episode, they takes a popular movie and commentates a sarcastic and realistic play-by-play.

In the Frozen¬†Honest Trailer, the Screen Junkies take some stabs at Disney, look at the character dynamics in Frozen and even create their own sing-a-long.¬†You can love Disney, love Frozen, hate the company or just hate the movie but this “Honest Trailer” will have you rolling on the floor laughing no matter what.

If you’re not over the trend just yet and are looking for a dose of cuteness overload, check out this video of a group of kids singing “Let It Go” with Anna and Elsa at Walt Disney World:

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