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Seth Rogen and James Franco Troll Kimye’s Vogue Shoot

Posted on March 22, 2014 by
Seth Rogen and James Franco spoof Kimye's wedding shoot.

It’s no secret that Kimye is one of the most over-the-top couples in Hollywood right now. From their baby North to their raunchy video shoot for the song Bound 2, Kim and Kanye are a couple that are talked about often and poked fun of a lot.

Contributing to this is none other than buddies James Franco and Seth Rogen, who have previously made their own video spoof called “Bound 3.”

But now that Kim Kardashian has finally achieved her dream of being on the cover of Vogue, Rogen and Franco are at it again with their own wedding pictures. And again, they nail it.

Posting on Instagram, Franco wrote, “Seth! Love you, dog!”

I’m telling you!! I them harder than anything. Possibly even more than Kimye.

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