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Dirty Pictionary (Don’t Watch At Work/School/With Your Mom!)

Posted on March 21, 2014 by ANDPOP Staff

It’s Friday and we’re on a mission to avoid all the important, pressing work things. So what can we do to help whittle down the hours until the weekend officially begins?

Well, if you’re in the ANDPOP office, you play dirty Pictionary! ANDPOP’s host Simon Mohos, online editor Portia Baladad, intern Merna Jibrail and office BFF Kim Lamontagne put their minds in the gutter as they draw lots of dirty pictures. If you didn’t get the hint already, this episode of Freaky Fun Friday is pretty NFSW, so unless your mom is totally cool with camels and various body parts (if you get our drift), let’s watch this 50 feet away from her.

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One response to “Dirty Pictionary (Don’t Watch At Work/School/With Your Mom!)”

  1. andKIM says:

    “office BFF!” I’m honoured.

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