McFly’s Tom Fletcher and Wife Welcome Their New Baby With A New Song

Posted on March 20, 2014 by

As any Galaxy Defender would know, McFly’s Tom Fletcher is one mean vlogging machine. When he’s not talking to his sister Carrie Hope Fletcher (a.k.a. ItsWayPastMyBedtime) via YouTube, he’s singing pretty songs to (or with) his wife Giovanna.

And in true vlogging fashion, the McFly guitarist and vocalist uploaded a special song to help welcome his newborn son, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher, into the world. Called “Bump to Buzz,” Tom sings and strums the song “Something New” on his guitar as a time-lapse of his wife’s pregnancy plays on the other side of the frame.

With her growing belly and his great voice, this is one of the most adorable videos we’ve seen from Tom — an amazing feat considering how much we melted over his and Giovanna’s “Love Is On The Radio” duet.

The singer has also been non-stop tweeting and Instagramming his love for his son, Buzz.

With every tweet and photo, we just can’t help but think all the happy thoughts for this McFly couple and new born babe!

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2 Responses to “McFly’s Tom Fletcher and Wife Welcome Their New Baby With A New Song”

  1. andKIM says:

    Aww, so cuol (that’s cute/cool), folks.

  2. Doris Stones Edwards says:

    Congratulations on your “something new”. 🙂 ?

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