The Originals Ep. 17 Recap: Moon Over Bourbon Street

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Rebekah skipped town, Marcel was banished from said town and now we’re about to find out where that leaves the rest of us.

Elijah held a meeting with the witches and vamps, he ripped up Marcel’s rules and told them they could all play nicely, or leave. Hayley showed up and said the wolves shouldn’t be excluded from deciding which supernatural creature gets to reside in which corner of the city. Elijah made a new friend. Her name is Francesca, she wants to become allies, take Father Kieran’s place and, not to sound all pageant-y, she wants accord in the Quarter.

Francesca and Elijah chat

Klaus struck a deal with Jackson (remember Hayleys’ destined husband?) and in exchange would give him his mother’s ring that would help control when he turns into a wolf. Jackson told his fellow pups that making a deal with Klaus would allow them to be superior to the vamps and witches.

Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

Klaus told Elijah he should listen to the wolves which evolved into them throwing a party. Wolves, witches and vampires don’t tend to rub elbows, so naturally a fight broke out. Hayley kicked it into high gear with the mom morals (sort of) saying if they can’t all get along, they might as well kill each other and get it over with. Powerful as they may be, they knew better than to disagree with a pregnant werewolf, so they all made nice and signed the new living Quarter agreement. Klaus said the inhabitants won’t adhere to the agreement. Elijah agreed to disagree as we witnessed Marcel teaming up with his old pal Thierry to take back their city.

Antoine Dodson saying "You can Tell that Homeboy"

Lastly, this week in unexpected hook ups, Genevieve and Klaus got it on. And, Marcel plunged his stake into Cami’s dark place. It was hot, until Genevieve spied on them through a dream catcher which was mildly creepy.

Quagmire spies on the Griffin family

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