First Look At The New Peanuts Movie!

Posted on March 18, 2014 by

Okay, okay, okay. If there’s a better way to kick off Tuesday than by watching the first ever teaser trailer for the upcoming CGI animated Peanuts movie, then we don’t know what it is!

Now, you’re probably thinking “Oh hell, they’re going to ruin Charles Schultz’s classic characters!” and we would have agreed with you until we saw this teaser which is surprisingly adorable and literally looks just like those classic Charlie Brown cartoons that we love watching. The animators have done an amazing job staying true to the beloved characters and though we only see Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the teaser, we’re sure the rest of the Peanuts gang looks just as perfect!

If you need more convincing, you’ll be glad to know that though the late Charles Schultz isn’t around to guarantee the movie as true to his cartoons as possible, his song, Craig Schultz, is actually a producer on the film and is apparently a bigger sticker fr authenticity than his dad was. Plus, the movie is directed by Steve Martino who’s responsible for some of the most hilarious animated films like Ice Age: Continental Drift and Horton Hears A Who!

Any fears we had about this movie have pretty much been calmed after seeing this teaser.

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