Brittany Murphy’s Last Movie Is Finally Being Released

Posted on March 18, 2014 by

Four years after her untimely death, we’ll be able to see Brittany Murphy in her final movie which is officially due to be released this April.

Something Wicked will be released in Eugene, Oregon, which is where the film was shot. It’ll later open throughout other cities in the west and then maybe worldwide. It tells the story of a couple of young newlyweds whose idyllic existence is threatened by a psychotic acquaintance. The indie thriller also stars Shantel VanSanten, John Robinson, Julian Morris and James Patrick Stuart, and is directed by Darin Scott.

This is the last film Murphy worked on before she was found dead in 2009 at age 32. It was later discovered she died from a mixture of pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug overdose.


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