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Andrew Rannells Wants Hugh Jackman To Be His Lover On ‘Girls’

Posted on March 18, 2014 by

We have to give Andrew Rannells credit: he has amazing taste in men.

The star of HBO’s Girls has proven this fact by revealing that his number one actor of choice to play the boyfriend of his character, Elijah, on the series would be none other than hunky Aussi, Hugh Jackman.

“Always and forever it will be Hugh Jackman,” Rannells stated. Rannell’s and Hugh Jackman already have a lot in common considering both are actors and singers with serious Broadway cred. Plus, how awesome would be to see Jackman in a story arc on Girls.


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One response to “Andrew Rannells Wants Hugh Jackman To Be His Lover On ‘Girls’”

  1. Roy Franklyn says:

    Andrew Rannells, looking for a true gay, who is also a below average actor like you. Anyway, Oscar-nominated actors don’t drop to act in trash TV serial.

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