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Rihanna and Drake Officially Dating

Posted on March 17, 2014 by

After what seems like ages of wondering “Are they? Or aren’t they?” Drake and Rihanna have gone ahead and confirmed that they are in fact dating!

Rumours had been swirling of late that the couple was hooking up, but no one seemed to be able to confirm or deny whether they were just having some fun or actually in a serious relationship. Turns out, the were just having some fun, but now are going to try to do the serious relationship thing.

Sources close to both singers have confirmed that the pair are now exclusive and that Rihanna wants to spend every single night with him when he’s around. Similarly, Drake’s posse agree that the Canadian signer has been happier than ever the past few months during when he and Rihanna had been pretty much inseparable.

After the disaster that was her relationship with Chris Brown, we’re so glad Riri has found herself a man who’ll treat her right!

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