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Leonardo DiCaprio Hates Matthew McConaughey

Posted on March 17, 2014 by

Who would have guessed that there was actual rivalry between two of this year’s Best Actor nominees?

Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is not the biggest fan of fellow nominee Matthew McConaughey, despite having immense respect for the actor’s work. While on the set of The Wolf Of Wall Street, Leo couldn’t stand to be around McConaughey thanks to the Oscar winner’s inflated ego. Apparently, Matthew took it upon himself to offer Leo all sorts of lifestyle advice which was neither requested nor appreciated by the confirmed bachelor.


Source: PandaWhale

According to McConaughey, his life is the absolute tops and that not only is his life the envy of the world, but that he is a prime example of everything you should do to if you want to live successfully. This lofty thinking caused Leo to steer clear of his co-star and McConaughey’s win for best Oscar probably only made DiCaprio groan because it’s the last thing McConaughey’s giant ego needed.

So, now that you have the facts, are you on Team Leo or Team Matthew?

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