Girls Recap: I Saw You

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Laura Calabrese

As far as penultimate episodes go, I Saw You is pretty stellar. Hannah is seriously struggling with giving Adam space, Marnie is back to trying to be a pop star, Jessa lands herself another new job and Shoshanna is back to making snarky remarks.

After the way last week’s episode ended, it’s clear Hannah and Adam’s relationship is on the rocks. The episode opens with Hannah and Adam having sex. But instead of staying to cuddle and fall asleep, Adam jumps out of bed to rush back to Ray’s apartment. He needs to stay focused and work on his vocal lessons before tech. Hannah is feeling insecure and anxious because she doesn’t have the security of knowing that Adam is not leaving for good.

“But is there a part of you that thinks it will always be like this?” Hannah asks Adam as he’s about to leave. Every time that she brings the subject up, the more needy she appears, which justifies Adam’s desire for space.

Hannah is undoubtedly struggling with the distance. She shows up at Ray’s as Adam is practicing his lines. She says she had a terrible intuition that dragged her out of bed, so she went for a walk and ended up at Ray’s. Hannah was thinking about how Adam liked to have one and a half bananas in the morning and was worried he didn’t have any.

“So where are the bananas?” Adam asks her.


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Hannah breaks down when Adam warns her she needs to relax. “It’s very hard to relax when it feels like you’re leaving me, only in such slow motion I’m not going to notice until it’s done,” she says on the verge of tears. Adam gets angry and reminds her that he can’t concentrate on work when she’s around. He brings her home and tells her “everything is going to be fine,” but it seems like he’s having trouble believing that himself.

Now that Adam and Ray are living together there’s some serious male bonding going on. Adam is casually taking a bath while Ray shaves and talks about how he’s sick of explaining why he needs space to Hannah. Ray even opens up about his relationship issues.

“I’m in a place where I don’t want to compromise. Like fuck it, if the situations not perfect I’m not going to settle. If that means being single, then fuck it I’m going to be single. Maybe I need to be single,” says Ray as Adam enthusiastically nods his head in agreement. Maybe living with Ray is reminding Adam how simple his life is without Hannah.

With Adam gone, Elijah is there to fill Hannah’s emptiness. She has to redo her interview with Patti LuPone, since last time they didn’t talk about bone density. Elijah begs Hannah to tag along and promises not to talk or touch any of Patti’s Tony Awards.

Patti’s husband is home and talks about how he dreamed of being a writer, but stopped once he became a professor. Hannah asks if he actually stopped writing because Patti’s career was taking off and overshadowing his, so he had to decide to give up his dreams to support hers. Hannah’s anxiety about her relationship is visibly growing and she’s starting to think there’s only enough room for one star in the relationship. She hasn’t figured out how to deal with Adam’s success. Patti says the worst thing you can do is subjugate your passion. Hannah just needs to realize that Adam isn’t asking her to neglect her dreams.

Back at GQ, Hannah interrupts a brainstorming session to vent about how she expects more from life. “I want everyday to be exciting, and scary, and a roller coaster of creative experiences.” She asks her co-workers if they thought they would end up in a “sweatshop factory for puns.” Her boss Janice (Jenna Lyons) isn’t having it and fires her on the spot.

As for Marnie, things finally seem to be going her way. She’s working in Soojin’s gallery as an assistant more qualified than her boss. Marnie is helping a photographer named Beadie (played by Louise Lasser), an elderly woman who’s art she studied in school. Marnie says she doesn’t understand how the people don’t see Beadie taking the photos.

“It was harder when I was young, but now I’m old and no one ever looks at me anyway,” Beadie says. She admits she hates watching television because all the old women on TV are shells and it “hurts to be a shell.”

Marnie can relate. She’s essentially been a shell since her breakup, faking it through each day because she can seem to find herself. Beadie’s story is a reminder that eventually we all age and struggle to hold on to our former selves.


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Jessa happens to waltz into the gallery while job-hunting nearby. Beadie appreciates her blunt opinions and offers her a job as an archivist. She jokingly asks if Jessa is a junkie thief. “No, not anymore,” Jessa replies.

Later that night, Marnie and Desi’s have their open mic performance (it actually sounds really good) and we finally get to meet Desi’s girlfriend Clementine.

“Are you going to be okay?” Shoshanna asks Hannah during the performance. “I mean like Adam’s about to be on Broadway, Marnie’s clearly like about to be a pop star and, I dunno, you were supposed to be the famous artist in this group and now you’re just working in advertising.”

After dinner with Adam’s theatre friends, he and Hannah head back to Ray’s apartment. The ending of the episode is hilarious. After Hannah opens the door on Ray and Marnie having sex (since everything is her business), the reactions of all the characters are flawless. Hannah closes the door and says Marnie can never judge her for anything ever again. It’s about time everyone found out about Ray and Marnie’s secret relationship and I’m glad it happened this way. I can’t wait to see Shoshanna freak out, but this is just going to add more tension to the girl’s already fragile relationship.

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  1. Darci says:

    I thought it was awesome that they used an Orchestral version of “Royals” during the wedding reception. Kinda of cheeky, but it also sounded legit authentic period-wise. At first I laughed when I realized what song it was, but then I thought it was a really cool version – I’d even love to hear a version with Lorde’s vocals but with this same orchestral backing music someday.

    I also loved that line that Lola had about what foolish things women may blow their money on, and then mentions gambling and hookers. Hah! Take that. I can only hope there were some women as sharp as her back then.

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