1D Releasing Vinyl of “Midnight Memories”

Posted on March 17, 2014 by

Just because we live in a time of downloads and iCloud doesn’t mean that classic technology isn’t still appreciated.

The boys of One Direction are proving just this with the upcoming release of their hit single “Midnight Memories” on limited edition 7″ vinyl. The release is in celebration of Record Store Day and the track will be backed up with a live rendition of their song “Rock Me.” The illustrated album and cover features the boys in horrendously ugly glam rock get ups, but luckily the English-Irish cuties still manage to look hot.

Record Store Day will be held on April 19 in England and Ireland and will be celebrated with the release of exclusive merchandise by a variety of independent retailers.

Though we don’t own a record player, we’re still pretty sure we’re going to be buying this up, if only to stare at the boys some more.

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