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Doug Ford Attacks, Kevin Spacey Responds With a Photo

Posted on March 15, 2014 by

Actor Kevin Spacey was the target of some criticism by Mayor Rob Ford’s brother Doug during their Ford Nation YouTube show.

In the video, Doug called Spacey “an arrogant S.O.B” for not taking photographs with a fan while Rob was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Any actor that makes a living off the people that watch his shows — he wouldn’t take a picture with anyone? We were told you can’t take a picture, and you can’t speak to him. Who does this character think he is?” Doug said.

“He thinks he’s God? He’s up there? That no common folk can take a picture?”

Rob, on the hand, seemed calmer.

” I don’t watch movies,” he said. “I wouldn’t know if I ran him over.”

In response, Spacey tweeted a photoshopped picture of himself between the brothers Saturday morning. The tweet has since received over 3,000 retweets.


Personally, I think Doug’s overreacting. He and Rob should be focusing on the mayoral campaign. After all, Rob needs it after his whirlwind of a year…

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