5 Things You Need To Know Before You See The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie

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Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars in the Veronica Mars movie

The Veronica Mars movie opens in theatres and is available On Demand this weekend, and diehard fans are obviously going to run out to see it (see you there?!). But what about those who are not familiar with the series and want to see it anyways? Well, I’ve got you covered! I’ve made a list of the five things you need to know about Veronica Mars in the case you’ve never seen an episode.

But first, a back-story on the show: it all started when Veronica’s best friend Lily Kane was murdered. The story not only shook the town of Neptune, California but also Veronica. This incident leads to the teen’s increasing intrigue into the P.I. business and her attempt to solve the murder of her best friend.

Here we go!

5. Her Father Is The Most Important Man In Veronica’s Life

Keith Mars (played by the incredible Enrico Colantoni) is Veronica’s father, the former sheriff and the head of Mars Investigations. Their relationship is slightly unorthodox; Keith is very much involved in Veronica’s life: she works for him and they solve the town’s mysteries together. But in creating this seemingly unorthodox father-daughter relationship, we see why Veronica is the way that she is (hint: a badass) and their quick one-liners back and forth are sometimes the best part of any episode.

4. No One Likes Piz

Veronica Mars and Piz

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Piz was introduced to the Veronica Mars universe in the third and final season of the show. As seen in the film’s trailer, Piz and Veronica end up together after the show. This makes no fan happy. I’m not a “shipper” or whatever the term is BUT VERONICA IS MEANT FOR LOGAN AND HE HER AND THAT IS WHAT’S RIGHT. To the credit of Chris Lowell, the actor who plays Piz, if the character had not come between such an intense love-affair, maybe he’d be an acceptable choice, as the character is funny and means well, but again, no one likes Piz.

3. You Want Wallace, Mac & Weevil As Your BFFLs

Veronica Mars with Wallace and Mac


Veronica has her very own Scooby Gang: Mac (Tina Majorino) for all technical-related issues, Wallace (Percy Daggs III as her best friend) and Weevil (the muscle played by Francis Capra). Together, they give Veronica the extra help she needs when she’s really in a bind. They’re all fantastic but most important here is Veronica’s relationship with Wallace. The show excelled in presenting something very rare: a completely normal friendship between the opposite sex. Wallace and Veronica never date, never hook-up; they are just friends and the best of friends. That kind of relationship is very rare on TV and it’s really admirable.

2. Team Logan, Always

Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls


As mentioned, I’m not a shipper but when it comes to Logan and Veronica (or as the hardcore fans refer to them, LoVe…) it’s always Logan. There is no other question. He’s not good for her. She’s not good for him. But together, it’s magic. And Jason Dohring who plays Logan Echolls is so good.

1. Veronica Is The Best

Veronica Mars

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When selling this show to people who have never seen it, it’s kind of hard to explain. “It’s about this girl in high-school who is a private detective” is as much as I can get out before they stop listening. It sounds ridiculous, for sure. But as far-fetched as a teenage PI might sound, it’s the most normal in its presentation because of it’s main character: Veronica. She is very much her own person and her own character; you’ve never seen a character quite like her. Smart, abrasive, self-aware and self-medicated, Veronica is a very strong female character in the way of Buffy Summers and grounds the show. When she’s solving the town’s latest murder-mystery she’s also trying to deal with school, her love-life, her relationship with her dad, managing her friends and everything else adolescence entails. Veronica is the vehicle of our teenage selves.

Veronica Mars is in theatres and Video-On-Demand March 14th!

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