The Originals Ep. 16 Recap: Farewell to Storyville

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The Originals

Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah found themselves trapped in a cemetery last week, but it sure didn’t have the makings of a happy family reunion.

We begin with a flashback of papa Mikaelson tormenting and abusing mini Klaus while little Elijah tried to stop him. Back in the present day, Klaus asked Rebekah why she called their father to scare him off. She said it was because Klaus is hateful, cruel, controlling, and manipulative, a.k.a. brother of the year. Another flashback propelled us to another beating, but this time Rebekah came in with a sword to try and stop her father from hurting Klaus any further.

Rebekah admitted to Klaus that she wanted to get rid of him, and  given the choice she’d do it again. Klaus lunged at her as Elijah grabbed the white oak stake (an Original’s kryptonite).

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Elijah tries to sway his younger brother Klaus by telling him that Rebekah tried to kill papa M in his sleep but Elijah stopped her eons ago. Klaus stabbed Elijah with a non-white oak dagger, while Rebekah then gained possession of the white oak stake. Klaus confronted Rebekah and told her to admit that she wanted him dead. She said maybe, and Klaus took the stake from her and stabbed her.

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Rebekah then walked through the cemetery which had this viewer thinking she was a ghost, but it’s later revealed that Klaus missed her heart. Klaus then said perhaps he meant to. He proceeded to say he loves her and that he knows he can be difficult (uhhh, understatement alert), but he didn’t make himself that way. IT was their father that ruined him. In a semi-precious brotherly-sisterly bonding moment, she chimed in with, “he ruined me too,” adding that they’re the strongest creatures in the world, but damaged beyond repair, always and forever.

Klaus wondered out loud whether their father’s father ruined Papa M. He asked Rebekah what she wants, and she replied a home, family, someone to love her, and ultimately she wants to live. He told her to go far away and never come back.

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Rebekah said good bye to Elijah, Marcel and Hayley, and then left. Elijah then took back their home from the town’s unfaithful followers, and exiled Marcel as Klaus looked on approvingly.

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In non- sibling news: Marcel paid a visit to Genevieve to form a treaty with the vamps, no more executions, etc., etc. and Genevieve requested Davina in return. Will he hand her over? Tune in next week for another all-new episode.

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