Girls Recap: Role-Play

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Laura Calabrese

This week’s episode begins with Hannah and her GQ co-workers out for a wild night.

After one too many shots, Hannah is piss-drunk and pukes outside of the bar. Since no one knows where she lives, she winds up at Joe’s (Michael Zegen) apartment where he kindly rubs her back as she pukes over the toilet.

“I must smell so bad. I’m so embarrassed,” she drunkenly mumbles.

Joe agrees and washes her down in the bathtub (much like how I give my dog a bath) and the next morning Hannah wakes up alone in his bed. She rushes home to apologize to Adam for being so irresponsible and is shocked when Adam isn’t mad, he’s just glad she had fun with her new friends.

“Were you worried about me? Like I slept at Joe’s house, he’s a guy from my work who’s … you know, a guy … so …” she asks Adam. But, he isn’t worried because he trusts Hannah.

Adam is excited about the jacket he’s breaking in for his role in the “Major Barbara” production. He tells Hannah to expect him to organize newspapers, eat muffins and go to the bathroom in his new coat.

After her shower, Hannah tries to seduce Adam. But to her shock, he turns down sex because he has to leave in a half-hour and doesn’t want to “get sticky before rehearsal.” Adam has changed significantly since season one when he was introduced to us as a sexual weirdo with anger issues. Just as Hannah is growing up, so is Adam. It’s nice to see him so immersed in the preparations for his Broadway debut.

Hannah stops by to see Adam’s rehearsal and gets kicked out. Clearly upset she heads over to Elijah’s to eat burritos in bed. “That romance, that mystery, that thrill, that goes, and you know what you’re left with? Trying to seduce someone who just wants you to leave so they can jerk off and take the bus to rehearsal,” Hannah vents. She says there is nothing exciting about her sex life with Adam anymore and he is essentially treating her like “an ottoman with a vagina.” Elijah tells her she needs to fight for him and Hannah decides she’s going to make Adam remember why they love each other.

Lena Dunham and Adam Driver in Girls


So, Hannah grabs a bleach blonde wig and stages a role-play scenario. She meets Adam in a bar and acts as though she is there looking to cheat on her husband. Things don’t go exactly as planned. Hannah takes her acting a bit too far and a guy on the street, who thinks Adam is harassing Hannah, punches him in the face. But I guess Adam is turned on because the two wind up at Marnie’s apartment.

Things get super kinky until Hannah switches the role-playing backstory and calls Adam “the high school weirdo.” Adam tells her it doesn’t make “narrative sense” and zips his pants up. Hannah admits she was just trying to create a raunchy sexual experience Adam would like. He tells her she still has an old idea of who he is.

“Sex was the thing that kept me from drinking, that’s why I fucked women I met in bars or whatever,” he explains. The games, weird scenarios and being different were a huge part of that, just like it was with Hannah in the beginning. “But then we fell in love, and I just wanted to have sex with you, as us.”

The conversation takes a serious turn and Adam admits his role in the play has made him really excited. “It feels amazing to finally care about something. It feels amazing and scary and I’ll always regret it if I don’t give myself a chance to just do it, all the way,” he explains. But in order to stay focused and away from all the drama, Adam tells Hannah he’s going to stay at Ray’s place for a while. The episode ends as Adam walks out, leaving Hannah naked and alone clutching a blanket in Marnie’s bed.

This episode shows just how much Adam’s character has evolved. But, it seems like his relationship with Hannah is on the rocks. She hasn’t accepted that Adam is beginning to establish himself and chase his passion. It will be interesting to see if Hannah can give Adam the space he needs, especially when she’s used to him always being available at her beck and call.


Across town, Marnie’s at a job interview for Soojin’s (Greta Lee) new gallery. The space is slowly coming together and Marnie pitches that she has the skills to help it succeed. But Soojin doesn’t want a gallery director, she want a personal assistant.

“I’ve been saying all along that I what I really need is an assistance who’s more qualified than I am,” says Soojin.

Later that day, Marnie meets up with Desi to go through her notebook of lyrics. He tells her she’s a “wordsmith” and needs to start believing in herself. They work through a few improve songs and Desi’s lyrics are very suggestive. “I need you in my bed now/ I can’t get you off my mind,” he sings. But to make things super awkward, Desi revels he is singing about his girlfriend, Clementine.

Jessa and Shoshanna

Jemima Kirke in Girls


Shosh can’t seem to get any work done with Jessa and Jasper (Richard E. Grant) around. Jessa has clearly relapsed and Shoshanna has had enough of Jessa’s toxic relationship with Jasper. She plots for him to run into his daughter Dottie (Felicity Jones). The two reconnect and Dottie promises to take care of Jasper as long as he dumps Jessa. Jasper agrees and the girl’s head home.

Shoshanna bluntly tells Jessa, “You look like a junkie.”

“I am a junkie,” Jessa responds.

Let’s hope Jessa decides to head back to rehab.

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