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Joe Jonas Changes Career, Is Now An Uber Driver

Posted on March 7, 2014 by

Is this a car commercial or a Joe Jonas reality show? You decide.

The former Jonas Brothers singer shared a brand new website,imnotjoejonasjustkiddingiam.com, with his fans over Instagram on Wednesday. On it is a peculiar video where Joe Jonas chauffeurs the unsuspecting of Los Angeles in an Uber car (an app-based luxury taxi service).

Called “Your Next Driver,” hidden cameras capture the conversations in Joe’s car. Word first got out that Joe was an Uber driver back in January when fan Lindsey Farwell tweeted this selfie with Joe and ended up going to Pinkberrry with the star. (Lindsey and her friend are also featured in the video.)

It’s kind of funny to watch how most of Joe’s customers couldn’t care less that Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was picking them up. If it were me, I wouldn’t be that calm.

This isn’t anything too out of character for the singer. He’s always been hilarious and silly, and if we ranked him in our yearbook ,he would be “the class clown.” Just check out his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Now that the Jonas Brothers are no longer working on music together, we can’t wait to see if this teaser video turns into a full blown project. Though there’s no word on whether this trailer is all we’ll get from Joe’s experience as an Uber driver or if there’s more to the imnotjoejonasjustkiddingiam.com project, we can only hope “Your Next Driver” turns into a web series.

The video was produced by the Jonas Brothers’ talent management, Philymack Inc. A tweet from the management company from Wednesday leads us to believe this is just the beginning:

What would you do if your idol was your taxi driver?

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