Reign Recap: “The Consummation”

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Mary going to the alter in Reign 1x13

If you watched Wednesday’s episode of Reign, then you’re probably still shaking like I am. My mind is reeling and I can’t even handle the feels from episode 13.

Whether you watched the previews before the episode or not, it was obvious there was going to be a marriage since the title of the episode is “The Consummation.” Hopefully you all know what “consummate” means (sex!), and for royalty, that also means having an audience while you do it.

But the big question up till now was, who does Mary end up with?

What a big episode this was, with all the characters returning, plus a couple new ones. In attendance for this big ceremony episode were: King Henry, Queen Catherine, Queen Mary, Greer, Lola, Kenna, Bash, Nostradamus, Francis and Mary’s mother, Marie de Guise.

What started out as a confusing episode, brought so much joy in the middle I thought I was going to explode, then it all just ended with confusion again.

Catherine is ever so dramatic as the episode begins with her “beheading rehearsal.” Think of the rehearsal dinner for a wedding, only the entertainment is the Queen literally losing her head.  Catherine spent the start of the episode planning how her life was going to end, even to the fine details of a gold encrusted tomb — which the King refused to pay for.

Catherine plans her beheading in Reign 1x13

SOURCE: The CW’s Reign

Fortunately the episode took a bit of a brighter turn when Francis returned to the court. If you remember, Francis left back in episode nine which paved way for Bash and Mary to be together.

With an episode title like that, the theme of the episode was obviously sex. Nostradamus was with some unknown girl, Kenna went after King Henry again and Mary had two men to choose from.

Before discovering Francis’s return, Bash and Mary planned to elope so that King Henry would not be the one to choose who Mary would wed, but things changed when Nostradamus had another vision. (Turns out, they aren’t so easy to come by. Every time he wants to use his gift to see the future he must kill himself — his weapon of choice? Hanging). The prophecy changed when Mary killed Clarissa last week because as stated in episode one, “Mary would cause the death of Catherine’s first born.” Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, Francis is not her first born — Clarissa is.

This is great news because now Mary and Francis can get married without fearing his death. Oh, except the little issue of her current relationship with Bash.

With an impending wedding based on religion and politics in the works, Marie de Guise (Mary’s mother) conjures up a plan to make sure Mary ends up with a true heir and not a bastard. When Mary stands up to King Henry and tells him she is in control of her own destiny, she is forced to make a choice between Francis and Bash. Francis was fighting to get her back and Bash was trying to keep her, which meant Mary had to choose between two hot (potential) Kings. I can see the dilemma.

Surprisingly, Catherine comes to her aide and helps Mary follow her heart. The long awaited letter from the Vatican arrives with the news on whether Bash has been legitimized or not. In other words, if he’ll become King Henry’s successor or stay a bastard.

Catherine helps Mary follow her heart in Reign 1x13

SOURCE: Reign-Tumblr

“Mary’s Choice,” a.k.a. the moment everyone has been waiting for, finally happens. Mash fans will be heartbroken to hear Mary couldn’t be with him and Frary fans will be ecstatic to know that Mary chose Francis. No matter which couple you support, this scene had everything. To soften the blow of Mary turning down Bash’s proposal, we got to see Torrance Coombs (Bash) shirtless — something that should be done more often if you ask me.

Then in a beautiful teenage love story way, Mary runs to Francis and reveals that the letter was blank and Mary followed her heart to Francis telling him, “it’s you. It’s always been you.” My eyes are getting watery just thinking about it. The best part about this decision was that Mary made it herself and that Catherine was truly selfless and kind for the first time.

After twelve seesawing episodes, Francis and Mary are finally wed, with the episode paralleling the pilot episode. In the first episode of the series, Francis’s older sister got married and the show foreshadowed what it would be like for Mary on her wedding day. In a nod to that episode, rose pedals fell from above as Francis and Mary entered the reception. It was a homage to Mary dancing in episode one and the flashback to her and Francis as children when they burst open pillows and had feathers flying everywhere.

But this is Reign so that euphoria is short lived. Nostradamus has another vision, this time it’s the entire thing. Earlier in the episode he saw Mary and Francis happy together in the future which gave way to the entire episode, then he realized that vision was actually Francis on his deathbed … sweet! Can’t have a moment’s joy with this show. But Nostradamus also realized Clarissa is still alive (pretty sure I tried to warn everyone about that last week. Tossing a body down a hill accomplishes nothing).

If things weren’t bad enough for this family, everyone then has to endure the consummation. To make sure the arrangement is concrete and the marriage bound, Mary’s ladies, the King and other nobles watch Mary and Francis have sex. As if that weren’t uncomfortable enough, Henry forces Bash to watch. Can you say AWKWARD?!

Once you’ve calmed down from the excitement, we’re left with questions about what Bash is going to do and what will happen between Francis and Mary?

What’s a little strange is noticing the parallels between this episode and the first. We knew Catherine’s first born was not Francis, as his older sister was getting married. This means Nostradamus was wrong when he thought the prophecy changed because of Clarissa — something we do learn by the end of episode 13. (I’m have trouble remembering if the prophecy was her “first born” or “first born son”). Side note: Catherine also mentions another daughter during her beheading rehearsal, and now I’m very confused as to how many children are in this family (Check list: Bash, Francis, Prince Charles, Little Henry, Clarissa, older daughter and younger daughter).

I burst with joy and shed so many tears watching this episode but after reviewing it, I’m mostly just confused. Not that that will stop me from watching it a few dozen times.

By the way, if you thought this episode wasn’t sexual enough for a consummation episode, worry not. The CW is releasing an uncensored version of the episode online on Friday which will have the “not appropriate for TV” shots of Nostradamus’s sex scene at the beginning of the episode and Frary’s consummation scene.

Have a few thoughts on this episode or the release of an uncensored version? If so, leave them in the comments below.

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6 Responses to “Reign Recap: “The Consummation””

  1. Alicia says:

    I hope by uncensored, the CW doesn’t just mean with boobs. They can’t afford to be that sexist when most of their audience are girls. Plus, do the CW really need unnecessary sex to make money? oh, wait! Erase that. They do prey on horny teenager’s weird fantasies about brothers.That said, I do love Reign because I’m a sucker for historical fiction (I don’t even care that much that it’s being playful and liberal with History and period costumes!).

    • Lourdis Aire says:

      Have a bad feeling someone turns up pregnant by Francis … And I don’t mean Mary and I also noticed some eye contact at the awkward moment wondering if Mary’s ladies have issues.

    • Petunia Pickles says:

      I am also a sucker for historical fiction but, I have to admit, I would love to see Mary’s and Francis’ relationship get a little more nitty gritty. Such a good show but too ‘teen’. I’m glad to see that they are taking it to the next level.

  2. Petunia Pickles says:

    Although I am a ‘Frary’ fan, it was hard to see Bash so crushed in this episode and then for them to kind of rub it in and make him watch the consummation. Ugh.

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