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One Direction Share The Live Version of “C’mon, C’mon”

Posted on March 6, 2014 by

One Direction released their “Miami Memories” behind-the-scenes video a week ago, but we’re still recovering from watching it … a few dozen times. It feels like forever since these boys have been around but they’re making up for their absence by releasing some exclusive new content.

On Wednesday, One Direction released a new clip of the live version of “C’mon, C’mon” from the This Is Us movie on SoundCloud.

Today’s release is the final preview of three upcoming tracks. But it didn’t happen so easily. The official 1D Twitter account challenged fans to get #Exclusive1DSoundCloudClip trending on Twitter before they shared the surprise song with everyone.

They did the same thing last week as the band’s Twitter account encouraged fans to tweet their best “Midnight Memories” in a Flipagram in order to unlock a portion of “Rock Me” on SoundCloud.

The previews were released in anticipation of the Midnight Memories single bundle album. The EP will be released on iTunes Mar. 9 in the UK. It includes the live versions of “C’mon, C’mon,” “Rock Me,” “Story of My Life” and “Midnight Memories.”

The singles EP isn’t the only new stuff up their sleeves. One Direction’s next book, Where We Are: Our Band. Our Story, is scheduled to hit shelves in May. They shared the book’s title and cover artwork with their fans over Twitter on Tuesday.

So will you be running to get your copy?

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