The Originals Ep. 15 Recap: Le Grand Guignol

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Elijah and Rebekah face each other with Klaus in the distance

We (and Klaus) learnt Rebekah was quite the devious one as she betrayed her big bro to be with Marcel ages ago, and then Elijah saved them from Klaus’ wrath last Tuesday.

Klaus angrily stands alone in a cemetery

Elijah asked Cami to babysit Klaus as he recovered and to persuade him to not kill his baby sis. Cami discovered that an Original can in fact be killed with a white oak stake (fans of The Vampire Diaries will remember this fun fact). And, Klaus had a white oak stake that can’t be destroyed.

Hayley held Sabine/Celeste at gun point and asked her to undo the curse on her werewolf clan that only allowed them to change on a full moon. So she gave Hayley some green drank to cure dem wolves.

Honey Boo Boo is excited for her special juice

Sabine decided to lift the curse on the wolves so that Hayley would eventually leave Elijah to be with her wolfy family, which would make Elijah sad and Sabine happy.

Back in 1919, Klaus gave Rebekah & Marcel his blessing (six months after she asked Genevieve to summon her dad to put an end to Klaus). Fashionably late, Mr. Mikaelson finally showed up, and enlisted Elijah’s help to kill Klaus, but noble Elijah declined. Poppa M started a fire that killed many New Orleaneans as Klaus, Rebekah & Elijah left town thinking Marcel was a goner.

Rachel from FRIENDS is very excited, Chandler not so much

Sabine set a boundary spell around the cemetery and lured The Originals there so that they could enter, but not leave until the next full moon. Sabine killed herself, but Monique and Elijah had worked a little something out and she ain’t going to be jumping in nobody’s body anytime soon.

The episode ended with all three Original siblings in attack mode as Klaus revealed his white oak stake (that sounds dirty, but it really wasn’t; it was more terrifying than anything).

Tina Fey and Jane Lynch high five

P.S.: Marcel and Rebekah killed an elderly witch which brought Davina  back to life.

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