Jimmy Kimmel Makes Rob Ford Watch Some Of His Embarrassing Viral Moments

Posted on March 4, 2014 by

Say all you want about Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford but you have to admit this guy has amazing self-confidence — no matter how delusional it really is.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to test Ford’s unwavering belief in himself by not only interviewing him on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but by also playing some of Ford’s greatest viral hits. From walking into a camera last year (the video Kimmel was happy to admit started his weird obsession with Ford) to his Jamaican impersonation, the late night host gleefully watched the Toronto mayor sweat as he relieved some of his biggest embarrassments.

Jimmy Kimmel wiping off Rob Ford's Sweat

Admittedly, we enjoyed it too because how someone possibly hold on to their delusional dreams of grandeur after watching clip after clip of themselves acting like fools?

Alas, we still have a better part of a year with this guy. Let’s not get our hopes up that he’ll be gone soon.

Watch Parts 1, 2, and 4 below.

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