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MUST FOLLOW MONDAY: Emily Bett Rickards

Posted on March 3, 2014 by
Emily Bett Rickards

Every Monday ANDPOP brings you a new hilarious personality to follow on Twitter. Because we care, we’ll be assembling some of their greatest tweets to date to reel you in  and convince you to push that follow button. We aren’t forcing you to follow these people; we’re just STRONGLY SUGGESTING for your own personal enjoyment. Today, we STRONGLY ADVISE you to follow Arrow star Emily Bett Rickards at @EmilyBett

Emily Bett Rickards spends most of her days kicking butt and hacking computer systems as Felicity Smoake on Arrow, but she somehow finds time to keep us updated on her random thoughts through Twitter.  We really could not be more grateful that someone so fun, outgoing, and obsessed with funny articles has access to our favourite social media outlet. 

Emily spends a lot of her time tweeting funny inside jokes between her and her co-star Colton Haynes, sharing her general frustrations with things like Netflix, and lighting our days with her positivity and fun nature. We can always turn to Emily’s Twitter for our dose of Arrow news, pretty pictures of Vancouver (where the show films), and funny sentiments. There is really no reason to not follow Emily. Her and her cast mates are adorable, she shares our struggles with food and Netflix, and, above all, just gets it.  She loves all of our favourite shows, not to mention to stars on one of them.

If you need any more reason to go follow Emily, here are ten extra reasons why she is worth that click.

She takes public transportation in style

Her relationship with food

She’s not high maintenance

She knows why Netflix holds a special place in our hearts

Her taste in television is flawless

She’s a daredevil

Oh, and she’s Canadian

Animals in clothing is a thing

She handles tragedies well…ish

Dang autocorrect

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