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Justin Bieber’s 20 Acts of Kindness

Posted on March 1, 2014 by

“With great power comes great responsibility,” or so says Uncle Ben in Spider-Man.

It may just be a quote from a superhero movie, but we can’t think of any other young star who has tried their best to inspire change like Justin Bieber has.

Since rocketing to international stardom when he was 16, the now 20-year-old singing sensation from Stratford, Ont. has done more than his share of charity work. From raising millions to help typhoon victims in the Philippines to taking some time out of his busy day to visit an injured fan, he never fails to show his Beliebers that a little act of kindness can do a long way.

In honour of Justin Bieber’s 20th birthday, we compiled a list of just 20 amazing acts of kindness he’s performed over the years!

Give Back Philippines:

Justin Bieber with Hurricane Yolanda survivors

After the horrible Typhoon Haiyan disaster, Justin launched an online campaign #GiveBackPhilippines, to raise money for Yolanda survivors. With the help of beliebers, over $3 million was raised in an effort to give child survivors access to education, vaccinations, clean water and sanitation. Justin not only performed a special small concert that day, but played basketball, danced, and interacted with many kids. Justin is also the first international artist awarded with a star on the Walk of Fame Philippines. Bieber said: “I have long been a fan of UNICEF’s work, and it is my privilege to be able to support the organization as they respond to the needs of all who have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan, now and into the future.”

Building schools in Guatemala with PoP:

Justin Bieber with Pencils of Promise

Photo by: Nick Onken

In October 2013, Justin travelled to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise to help build schools. Between getting his hands dirty from laying down bricks to playing around with the local children, his smile was something that could not be forced. Following his trip, Bieber said: “It isn’t about me, it’s about the kids, plain and simple. I’m sharing this story in hopes that the world will help me end the education crisis.”

Private performance for injured fan:

After hearing the news that a belieber named Kate O’Neill was involved in serious car accident just weeks before his upcoming Australian tour dates, Justin and his team decided to literally bring the show to her. Kate, surrounded by close family and friends, was serenaded during an intimate acoustic performance that I’m sure she will never forget!

Bieber Claus:

Justin Bieber handing out christmas gifts

During a special pre-screening of Believe, Justin surprised a room full of lucky beliebers who were apart of the Boys and Girls Club. He invited each of the kids on stage where they not only got to meet him (and get lovable hugs), but also received a toy just in time for the holidays. Bieber told the crowd: “I remember growing up with not a lot. I wanna make sure each and every one of you has a great Christmas.”

Make-A-Wish Record Holder:

Justin Bieber granting a Make A Wish Wish

Justin Bieber has granted over 200 wishes via Make-A-Wish, breaking the foundation’s record to become the first ever recording artist to do so. During many of these visits, Bieber requested that have no cameras present to make the experience that much better for the kids. You can pretty much call him our modern day hero.

‘Shots of Me’ app to stop bullying:

shots of me app

If it isn’t already obvious that Justin is the King of selfies, he teamed up with RockLive to launch the selfie sharing app, Shots of Me. Bieber reportedly wanted a social network where people couldn’t comment directly on photos to leave hateful messages. If you want to follow him on there, he goes by the name @bizzle.

Donated his trademark locks:

Justin Bieber donates hair to Ellen

How could you forget the infamous hair flip? Of course all good things come to an end, and JB decided to get himself a new ‘do. During an appearance on The Ellen Show, Justin presented Ellen a lock of his newly snipped hair in a signed glass box. “There’s a perk. I wanted to do something good. I’m giving pieces of it to different people. The thing is, we’re doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want.” Ellen’s item sold for a whopping $40, 668 on eBay!

Children’s Wish:

Justin Bieber donating to the Children's Wish foundation
Justin generously donated a significant amount of money to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada as part of his Believe Charity Drive. Before his intimate acoustic and later televised performance “Home For The Holidays” at Massey Hall in Toronto, he spent time backstage with children who were dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Grammy Foundation Advice:

Justin visited Grammy Foundation’s Grammy Camp where high school and college students were given the opportunity to experience a live soundcheck and Q&A session in Memphis. Justin had some inspirational advice for those in attendance. Dream big.

Schools4All Movement:

Pencils of Promise

Justin teamed up with Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise, to help campaign and build schools for kids in need. Middle and high school students in the US teamed up and made their own fundraising pages, in support of raising funds to educate children around the world. Money raised during the campaign went to PoP’s programs in Ghana, Guatemala, Laos and Nicaragua. With every $25 that a school raised, they received a chance to win a special school visit from Justin Bieber himself!

Ticket sale donations:

Justin Bieber donating ticket sales

With every ticket  sold on the My World and Believe Tour, $1 was donated to charity. After hearing about Hurricane Sandy slamming across the east coast, leaving thousands of people without a home, Justin decided to specifically donate $1 from each ticket from four New York-area shows, to the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief. This isn’t the first time Justin donated to those affected by a natural disaster. In 2010, Justin donated ticket sales totalling $32,690 from the Bridgestone Arena to support The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for Flood Relief.

Birthdays supporting Charity Water:

When you’re Justin Bieber, what more could you wish for when you probably have everything you already want? In celebration of his 17th and 18th birthday, family, friends, and beliebers donated money to Charity Water, a non-profit that brings potable drinking water to people in developing countries. He wrote, “I really want my birthday to be all about helping others.” $66,740 was raised in combination for both days!

Making history with music:

under the mistletoe GIF

Justin is the the first artist on the Universal Music roster to have part of his album sales benefit charity. “Under The Mistletoe” was Bieber’s third No. 1 album and it was the first Christmas album by a male artist to debut at No. 1.

Don’t text and drive:

Don't Text and Drive campaign

The Brown family appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2011, after loosing their eldest daughter Alex who was involved in a texting while driving accident. Justin Bieber was a special guest during this episode and helped spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving. To date, over 350,000 people have taken the pledge to remember Alex Brown and not to text while operating a motor vehicle. Younger sister Katrina was given the opportunity to hang out with Justin during soundcheck and was even given tickets to his Never Say Never premiere in Los Angeles.

Smell good and give back doing so:

someday perfume advertisement

Justin’s first female fragrance Someday broke records, selling $3 million in just three weeks at Macys. The then 18-year-old was named the 2012 Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year Award at the 40th FiFi Awards. Proceeds from Justin’s fragrances have been donated to charities including some of his favourites, Pencils of Promise, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Bieber said in a statement: “The best part is that my favourite charities are sharing in the success; it is important to pay it forward. Plus, I have the girls smelling great!” With all the success, there’s been another two fragrances since then that you should get your hands on: Girlfriend & The Key.

Donated to underprivileged school:

whitney cheque

Justin donated $100,000 to Whitney Elementary in Las Vegas where he later performed a special holiday concert. Principal Sherrie Gahn’s selfless drive to go above and beyond for her 600 students inspired many, and even garnering the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber and thousands who wanted to help. A year later, Bieber returned to Whitney Elementary where he pledged to fill the school’s food pantry over the next year.  Justin also teamed up with ConAgra Foods to fill up food banks in all of North America, something close to his heart.  Gahn said: “Justin Bieber coming means a lot. These kids get to see someone who’s really important to them,  believes in them.”

Justin Bieber with Scooter Braun and Principal Sherrie Gahn

Don’t be a bystander:

There’s no question that there’s a whole pack of haters trailing behind Justin’s every move, for some reasons most will never know. After seeing a video that went viral of Casey Heynes standing up to a school bully, Justin wanted to meet him. Justin ended up bringing Casey on stage in Melbourne during “Never Say Never” and gave him and his family the ultimate VIP treatment. Then in 2012, during an anti-cyberbullying PSA , Bieber said: “The Internet can be used as a place to have a greater positive impact on the world. There’s a ton of positive initiatives online. The web should be used to inspire others; not spread hate or to hurt.”

WeTopia, play for good:

WeTopia annoucement GIF

You can simply help others by playing in the virtual world of WeTopia on Facebook. Users can earn “joy” which then can be spent on real charitable projects benefitting Save The Children, buildOn, and Children’s Health Fund. Justin said in a press release: “Playing online games is a lot of fun already, but WeTopia makes it better by helping children around the world.”

Never forget where you come from:

Justin donated $10,000 to a local food bank in Stratford, Ontario. Access Hollywood host Billy Bush made a deal with Justin, saying he would also donate $5,000 to the charity of Bieber’s choice with one condition — for Justin to send out a tweet to his followers to follow Bush: “With @billybush doing an interview follow him hes a good guy!” Co-ordinator of the Stratford House of Blessing, Laura Davies said, “It’s really exciting to hear Justin’s thinking of Stratford again.”

Mrs. Bieber:


There wasn’t a more ray of sunshine than six-year-old Avalanna Routh, who was living life to the fullest while battling a rare brain disease. After hearing about her fake Bieber wedding, Justin and his manager Scooter Braun flew Avalanna and her family to NYC from Boston for a special meeting. The two hit it off for hours and developed a bond like no other. During Justin’s show at the Apollo Theater, Avalanna was his lucky OLLG. Sadly in Sept. 2012, Avalanna passed and Justin payed tribute to the little girl with a photo montage during OLLG on the first date of the Believe Tour. It was truly a heartwarming performance and these moments were documented in Bieber’s latest movie, Believe.


So each and every one of you, no matter how old or young you are. You can make a difference. You can make a big difference.

Justin Bieber

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24 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s 20 Acts of Kindness”

  1. aylisha howard says:

    most kindest person you will ever meet. always giving back and thinking of others.and incredibly talented. musical legend. hopefully one day i can meet him. #ipray

  2. Lieze says:

    Wow. This is like the first article in months that shows on the good he does and not his mistakes. Thank you for doing this.

  3. 25/11/13~ says:

    I’m so proud of him <3 #lifesaver happy bday idol

  4. Decota LeFrancois says:

    he is such an amazing human being and i don’t know why people always only see the negative but they need to start focusing on the truth… they need to focus on this. I am so proud of him.

  5. Lorena Gimenez says:

    I’m very proud of all this. happy birthday Jus you’re the best idol in the world and my inspiration. thaks for everything

  6. MegBieber says:

    Justin Bieber is my life<3

  7. Julie says:

    He is my world

  8. soha aijaz says:

    He sure is a kind person, and I respect that as a fan. If he can come to Memphis, TN, I would give him such a huge birthday surprise at Houston High School on Wolf Boulevard. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, JUSTIN! 🙂

  9. soha aijaz says:

    Hey, remember, justin, “Always stay positive. “

  10. Rona Mae says:

    Happy Birthday I love u 😉 :* ur all that matters to me ?

  11. happy bday Justin says:

    This article is amazing. I’m really speechless. Well done!

  12. Noya says:

    Happy Birthday To The Best Idol In T
    he Whole World !! ?

  13. Noya says:

    Happy Birthday Biebs I Love You ?

  14. Noya says:

    Happy Birthday Bizzle ? I Love Youuuuuuu ?

  15. Bridget says:

    he is a kind and humble person. he has done so much good for the world. he has shown me how to live by helping others and making them smile. I’m so grateful and thankful he has been in my life these past few years. he inspires me daily and makes me a better person. I have no idea where I’d be without him and it wouldn’t be good. Thank you for being one of only articles which is positive about him. Thank you for seeing him the way I do. He is a good person. @whatdabieber

  16. Melissa says:

    This article is great. I will send the this article to the haters I know, because they never ever did these great things Justin did. They are too selfish to donate. Well done Justin. So kind. I love him.

  17. Sharetta says:

    I’m glad someone still knows that good should always triumph the bad. I love all that Justin does!!!

  18. sanya ahmad says:

    #proudbelieber love u justin

  19. Jen Smith says:

    Omg! This made me cry! I wish the media and haters saw this. He is an amazing human being. And he doesn’t do it for publicity either, he does it with the kindness of his heart. Justin loves children and would do anything for them. Such a beautiful soul! I adore him!

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