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Jamie Dornan Shares A Story About His Funny Walk

Posted on March 1, 2014 by

Fifty Shades of Grey never resonated with me. But God, does Jamie Dornan give me a reason to want to see it.

Stopping by The Graham Norton Show, Dornan shared the hilarious story of how he learned to walk properly while filming the movie.

“I always had a complex about the way I walked and people would comment on it,” he said, noting that it was a director working on the actor’s  TV show The Fall was the one first who noticed his unusual gait.

But as old habits are hard to overcome, Dornan admits that he was only able to fix his walk when he learned to dance the foxtrot in Fifty Shades. 

“My wife tried to help by making me lean back and then in Fifty Shades my character has to dance the foxtrot and the teacher said, ‘Do it as though you are walking; heel to toe.’ No one had ever told me that was how you walk and now I am applying it every day!”

It’s easy to be turned off by the idea of a movie based on E.L. James’ rauchy novel. But seeing how adorable and charming he is actually kind of changes my mind about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a fan of the series. But if Dornan’s involved, maybe I should change my thoughts about him choosing to play the Christian Grey.

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