The Originals Ep. 14 Recap: Long Way Back From Hell

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Rebekah visibly distraught

Remember how Celeste was still royally ticked off that Elijah sided with Klaus over her many moons ago? Celeste held Rebekah and Klaus hostage after Elijah followed his heart to Hayley.

Present day Rebekah out of place in a1919 sanitorium



Rebekah woke up bludgeoned and wolf bitten in an abandoned sanitorium, and had flashbacks of 1919 when she was last there with Genevieve (one of the recently resurrected witches)

Tattoos of names appeared on Elijah’s body of witches who had died. Following the path of one death to another would lead him to Klaus & Rebekah. Marcel & Hayley were recruited to help find Rebekah & Klaus.


Rebekah & Genevieve were besties. They also happened to be nurses in that sanitorium Rebekah is presently trapped in.

Time Warp


Klaus was locked in another room where Genevieve alluded to some form of treachery committed by Rebekah. Klaus dismissed it, but Genevieve pressed on. She revealed to him that Marcel & Rebekah have been sneaking around behind his back for a century, or two. Genevieve linked Rebekah to Klaus so he could witness first hand her betrayal.

Elijah, Marcel & Hayley investigated each of the names on his body (and my, what a canvas it ‘twas). Each witch had killed themselves, except a woman named Claire who died of influenza in 1919. The tattoos disappeared, but they still had no idea what it meant, except for Marcely-poo.

Genevieve and Rebekah having drinks



Rebekah and Genevieve worked with Claire in their nursing days. As it should happen, Rebekah befriended Genevieve knowing she was a witch and wanted her to summon her father to scare Klaus off so her and Marcel could live out their lives together.


Marcel led the way to the sanitorium as he explained what he and Rebekah planned all those years ago. Elijah was displeased that his sister went against her brother, but Marcel claimed he loved Rebekah and still does.

Justin Bieber


Rebekah realized the error of her ways and asked Genevieve to not bring her dad back, but it was too late. It couldn’t be undone. Genevieve advised Rebekah to confess to Klaus, but Rebekah said she better not utter a word. The light bulb went off for ol’ Genevieve as she realized she was  used, so Rebekah killed her. In walked Claire, so she was goner too. Quite the chameleon, it turned out Celeste was actually Claire once upon a time. Claire took up another body (in Celeste) but Genevieve wasn’t so lucky.


Genevieve let Klaus loose to find Rebekah and seek revenge. Elijah and Marcel showed up at the sanitorium right in the nick of time. Hayley knocked Celeste unconscious. Klaus and Rebekah fought for a bit, but Marcel came and protected Rebekah followed by Elijah who made Klaus stab himself instead of Rebekah, and… scene.

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