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Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Hits 1 Billion Vevo Views

Posted on February 25, 2014 by
Justin Bieber

It was the song that turned Justin Bieber from a fledgling YouTube musician into one of the most famous men on the planet, and now “Baby” has earned the 19-year-old singer another achievement. Featuring a baby-faced Justin and his infamous swoopy haircut, the 2010 breakout music video has just reached 1 billion views on Vevo.

This makes “Baby” Vevo’s most-watched video ever and the only video to be certified 10x, an achievement similar to earning a gold or platinum certification, according to Billboard.

Just so you know, if rounded up to 4 minutes, that’s:

– 4 billion minutes
– Over 66 million hours
– 2.7 million days
– 7,610 years
– 101 lifetimes (with an average life expectancy of 75 years)

This achievement was made possibly by Justin’s fans, his Beliebers, who wanted him to reach the milestone before his 20th birthday on March 1.

Congratulations, Justin, for having such wonderful fans in your corner.

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