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Justin Bieber Can’t Be “Broken” As He Releases A New Song

Posted on February 24, 2014 by

With his long list of legal troubles, Justin Bieber gets personal and want’s everyone to know that he can’t be “Broken” in a brand new song.

The Biebs shared the new song with fans through Twitter on Friday.

On the mixtape, We Know the DJ Radio 4, “Broken” features rapper Blake Kelly and notable lyrics such as “I guess they want a reaction. But I ain’t gonna give it to ’em,” clearly a message to the public and all his haters.

Take a listen to the song below:

Before he shared the link to “Broken” with his fans, he also tweeted the following message:

Was it a cryptic nod to the eventual release? Or an inspiring message to his fans?

Speaking of haters, it seemed the 19-year-old singer has run into yet another group of unhappy people thanks to his recent move to Atlanta.

According to rumours, Justin has been house hunting in the southern city in an effort to escape the spotlight in California. In the meantime he has been renting a house from music producer Dallas Austin in Atlanta’s prestigious Buckhead neighbourhood, according to TMZ.

His recent move prompted the Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition to create a Facebook event to organize a protest against Bieber from moving to the prestigious area. According to their About Page on Facebook, The BNC works to protect “Buckhead’s historic look and feel by fighting damaging influences from within and without.”

With almost 600 people RSVP-ing to the event, set to start on Monday at 6 a.m., it turns out the BNC’s protest was just an elaborate prank.

Atlanta radio show, The Regular Guys, revealed they staged the whole event and fictitious coalition group on Monday morning.

Hosts Larry Wachs, Southside Steve Rickman and Tim Andrews explained how they pulled off the prank that got more than 45,000 news stories.

They enlisted the help of their producers and interns to create fake personas and fed many reputable news outlets the scoop by granting interviews. They recieved international coverage ranging from the U.K.’s BBC to Canada’s The National Post.

Check out how they pulled off the prank below:

Considering the protest turned out to be a big joke, the Biebs can get some much needed time to work on his music.

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