10 Things We’ll Miss About the 2014 Winter Olympics

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Olympic Closing Ceremony

With the Winter Olympic Games officially coming to a close in Sochi, Russia on Sunday, some people may be trying to figure out what they’re going to do with all their time now that they aren’t cheering on their country’s athletes everyday.

Here’s a list of the 10 things we’re going to miss about the Olympics.

1. Having a good excuse to not do work

Okay, hopefully you didn’t call in sick everyday just so you could watch the Games, but with all the events streaming online it was hard not to watch some of the biggest moments *cough* CAN vs USA hockey games *cough* while on the job or at school.

2. Watching attractive athletes be awesome

I think this picture says it all. Cute, athletic boy and puppies?! How can you not want this ALL the time? And another one just for the sake of it. Melts your heart doesn’t it?

3. People getting hyped up about sports they’ve never heard of

Whether you watched the sport or not, you’ve probably heard of the controversy to come out of figure skating. First it was the Ice Dancing competition with America’s Meryl Davis and Charlie White taking the gold from Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. It’s a subjective sport and a lot of people got heated over it, even going so far as to claim the judging was rigged. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about:

Then more people were upset in Women’s Figure Skating when Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova won over South Korea’s Yuna Kim, the defending gold medalist. Who knew people could and would get so invested in a sport they likely never cared about before last week.

4. Norway’s curling pants

You may remember from 2010 the amusement fans got from the curing pants Team Norway sported. Well four years later they did it again, only this time they had multiple pairs – from red, blue and white checkers to splattered paint looking pants. The fashion statement even spurred its own social media accounts. Check out one of the Facebook pages that supports the cause.

5. Funny faces

As elegant and magnificent as some sports are to watch, the athletes’s faces don’t always reflect that … especially in slow motion (skaters, I’m talking to you).

Pairs skating with a funny face

SOURCE: Clicky Pix

Olympic luger getting ready to go and making a funny face

SOURCE: Clicky Pix

Olympic skater doing spins in slow motion making a funny face

SOURCE: Clicky Pix

6. Seeing the “nicest” country prove we deserve the title

It’s general knowledge that Canadians are nice, but we’re sure going to miss seeing that on an international scale with a bunch of Canadians all together. Some ways Canadians proved our reputation:

Gilmore Junio let teammate and competitor, Denny Morrison take his spot in 1,000 metre speedskating. The sacrifice was well worth it as Denny went on to win silver.

Canadian cross-country ski coach helps a Russian skier by giving him a ski


In cross-country, Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth ran out to give Russian skier Anton Gafarov a ski after his broke so the skier could finish the race.

7. The rest of the world being jealous of Canadians

There’s always a reason to be jealous of Canadians if you ask us, but in Russia, athletes from around the world were jealous of the beer fridges they had at the Canada House. Yup, you heard right. Molson Canadian had beer fridges for the Canadian athletes that could only be opened by inserting a Canadian passport. How do you like them apples, eh?

8. And much of the world hating us too

Hate is a type of flattery and we’re sure going to miss those Yankees hating on us for beating them in hockey … twice! After Friday’s CAN vs USA men’s hockey game “F*** Canada” was trending on Twitter. I think this e-card says it all:

And like the lighthearted, fun loving, proud people we are, we turned it around on them.

A few “who’s on top” jokes made it on to Twitter too, have you ever looked at a map?

9. Being ĂĽber patriotic for a couple of weeks

Canadian pride during the Sochi Olympic Games

SOURCE: Calgary Sun

It’s fun during the Olympics to see a sea of red and white when you’re out and about. I’m sure most of the population has at least one pair of Olympic mittens from over the years. And even those who don’t have official “Olympic wear” often still wear the colours proudly during the Games.

10. Most of all we’re going to miss seeing hundreds of Canadian athletes come together to proudly represent the country

There were emotional wins and losses, athletes roomed together and became friends and many went out to different events to cheer on their fellow Canadian athletes. There’s nothing better than seeing athletes support one another half a world away from home.


What will you miss the most about the Winter Olympics?

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