Down With Webster Joins Team Canada at the Olympics Through Song

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Everyone loves a little music in their life especially when it’s combined with fantastic athletes and great Canadian artists.

It’s been a long standing tradition to have a theme song for Canada to play during the broadcast of the Olympics and the tradition continues for the current Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

This year, CBC Sports commissioned a handful of songs for their coverage and have recruited none other than Down With Webster to help them out. As a result, we now have the amazing new track, “Feel So Alive”.

“I’ve never been an athlete but somehow I’m part of the Olympics, It’s really cool,” says DWW’s Cam Hunter about working with CBC for the Olympic theme song.

The Toronto rap-rock band performed four of their new songs including “Feel So Alive” and now CBC Music is sharing the intimate recording sessions with fans.

Getting to write and perform the song, Cam shares that it is about “losing all inhibition and just going for it and not being scared,” a perfect theme for the major sporting event.

While at Studio 211 for the special recording session, Down With Webster also performed “Going Nowhere”, “One In A Million” and “Chills”.

“‘Going Nowhere’ was actually the last song we did for the album … and [it’s] turned into one of my favourite songs on the album,” lead singer, Pat Gillett tells CBC Music.

With an introduction to each song from the band and a special performance of each, you can check out all of Down With Webster at Studio 211 here.

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