Channing Tatum Does The Best Accent In The 22 Jump Street Trailer

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Just like Ron Swanson Nick Offerman, we can’t help but think that the first 21 Jump Street movie got a little lucky. It was a remake of the eighties television series of the same name (also where the Johnny Depp got his start) which no one really cared or had hope for. Luckily for its stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the reboot was actually really funny and subsequently, became a huge success

As of right now, we can’t decide if Hollywood sucking every bit of life out of the franchise by releasing a sequel is a bad thing because the second green band trailer makes the flick look like just as much fun as the first.

It features the obligatory college frat party complete with red cups, an octopus and the best accent Channing Tatum has ever done (and that’s saying something because he’s not one for accents).

So just in case the warm weather wasn’t enough, you can now look forward to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill kicking ass in their own special far-from-the-book ways when 22 Jump Street drops this summer.

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One response to “Channing Tatum Does The Best Accent In The 22 Jump Street Trailer”

  1. Sky Davis says:

    oh my gosh I was CRYING laughing!! 21 Jump street was hilarious, and 22 Jump Street looks equally as funny

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