“Kids React” to Multilingual “Let It Go” Music Video and It’s Super Cute!

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Kids really do say the darndest things. In a new video from the YouTube series, “Kids React”, elementary school students give their honest and blunt opinions on the multilingual version of Frozen‘s “Let It Go.”

In this hilarious and adorable video, kids watch a special version of “Let It Go” in which Elsa sings the song in many different languages. They then tell the series’ creators, The Fine Brothers, what they think of it and the answers may just surprise you.

The film Frozen was dubbed by Disney in 25 languages for release around the world. The compilation music video was released by the company last month to show “how fans in other countries have experienced Elsa unleashing her powers” and the lengths Disney went to to have such worldwide success with their newest animated film.

Aside from the cute reactions from the younger kids, the guesses as to why it was made in different languages are pretty spot on. Half the kids realize that the multi-language video is a marketing tactic to make more money but also a way to unite people around the world.

“The whole world knowing the same song,” said 13-year-old Troy. “It just shows everyone’s culture and how like we do get along in a way … we get along with songs.”

The “React” videos are part of a YouTube series by filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine for their production company Fine Brothers Productions. Their videos include: “React” with kids, YouTubers, teens and elders; “YouTube spoilers”; and their own “MyMusic” sitcom.

Below you can check out the original music video to which the kids reviewed.

While most kids think it’s cool that popular movies like Frozen are dubbed in different languages for global success, other kids think it’s kind of weird.

What do you think about these reactions?

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