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How To Make Out: The Do’s And Don’ts

Posted on February 14, 2014 by

It’s one thing to have chemistry with another human being but if your kissing game sucks, well, you’re shit out of luck. Nothing can repair the damage a less-than-magical make-out session has done to a potential relationship — except for some expert advice, that is.

On the off-chance the lady or gent of your dreams gives you a second shot, learn how to wow them in this week’s episode of Freaky Fun Friday.

ANDPOP invited kissing expert Doctor B’onér to give one beautiful couple, Eric and Steph, the do’s and don’ts of making out. And if there’s anything we can say about the doc is that he knows his shit; he’s from France, the home to the most romantic city in the world (Paris, duh) and he speaks french, the language of l’amour (that’s français for love). He also spent his whole tortured life studying the works of Oscar Wilde, Pablo Neruda and E.L. James.

So grab a pen and a pad of paper because Doctor B’onér is about to teach you the physical poetry of love.

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One response to “How To Make Out: The Do’s And Don’ts”

  1. Vanessa Ray says:

    They’re awesome! I love when good things happen to good people!

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