5 Forgotten bands of the 2000’s

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and I for one am not ashamed to admit that I have had B44 on constant loop today.  Have you forgotten about their existence, and perhaps their persistent desire to “Get Down“? We’re jogging your memory with a look back at some singular singing  success stories (say that 5 times fast!) AKA one-hit wonders.

1. B44


I am mildly embarrassed that I sang along to the below lyrics:

If you get down on me, I’ll get down on you.
I will do anything that you want me to.
It’s a game of give and take to make it through.
So if you get down on me, I’ll get down on you tonight.

But to their credit, the polite Canadian boys that they were are, they certainly didn’t force anything on anyone:

I’m not the type to change your mind, 
If you wanna take it slow.
No pressure to go all the way.
There are other places we can go.

You’ll be happy to know, the Toronto twins abandoned that brunette (rightly so, he did not support their blonde frosted tips) and went on to pursue obscure Opera dreams as RyanDan.

2. 3LW


3 Little Women epitomized the power of female intuition in their gripping portrayal of No More (Baby I’ma Do Right).

This trio of cute songstresses knew how to wear acid wash jeans, and knew how to wear them well. They were also quite adept when it came to shaking their heads disapprovingly (which is not a skill that is as widely recognized as it was at the start of this millennium). Adrienne and Kiely went off and became Cheetah Girls, which unfortunately did not include nearly as much dyed denim. But most of you may only recognize Adrienne as Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. Tsk tsk.

3. O-Town

O-Town Liquid Dreams

Once upon a time, before Jersey Shore and Teen Moms, MTV had a show where they made bands and it was conveniently called Making The Band. O-Town (think of them as the ethnically diverse N’Sync) was the product of a very successful first season. They also beat Mr. Del Biondo’s sex ed course when it came to reaching me about nocturnal emissions.

4. Dream

Dream girl band

Because Dream never dreamt they’d one day be a graphic image file, a proper GIF is unavailable for the foursome that doled out such profound poetry with He Loves U Not. Before the light dimmed on their day in the sun, P. Diddy showed interest in the gal group and thus This Is Me was born.

Thanks, Puff Daddy  Puffy  P-Diddy Diddy.

5. BBmak



Three beautiful Brits comprising of Mark Barry, Christian Burns, and Stephen McNally formed BBMak. They saw not the fame that trails One Direction, but they did guest star on Disney’s Even Stevens (which is credited for spurring my crush on Shia LeBeouf [Ed. note: do you regret that now?]), and they had quite a hit on their hands with their song Back Here.

If you want to bop along to other forgotten bands & rehash memories past, check out Songza’s ’00s One-Hit Wonders.

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