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Miley Cyrus Proves Not Every “No” is Bad in her Prom-posal Reply

Posted on February 12, 2014 by
Miley Cyrus and Matt Peterson

Last month, Arizona high school student Matt Peterson made a video asking Miley to his prom in May but it wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill promposal video. In it, he gets some inspiration from Miley herself and licks a bouquet of roses while posing naked with only a foam finger to cover his, um, goods.

Just a week after the video went viral, Miley finally replied to the Peterson on Twitter. Unfortunately she declined but at the very least, she let him down easy: backstage passes, anyone?

Peterson then replied to her offer, casually tweeting “Done deal” and that he’d be ready for her when she rolls into town on February 27.

But the calmness didn’t last long as he has been fanboying about the tweet AND the personal invite from Miley for the past five days.

Peterson and the 21-year-old singer have had a few tweets back and forth all week.

Understandably, Matt is overwhelmed by all the media coverage, freaking out and thanking fans for their support, congratulations and for spreading the video online.

His tweets are so cute we can’t wait to see pictures and tweets from both Miley and Matt after the show.

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