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Fall Out Boy To Release Their Own Flappy Bird Parody App

Posted on February 12, 2014 by
Fall Out Boy and a screenshot of their game Fall Out Bird

Relax, everyone. Flappy Bird isn’t gone just yet.

Pop punk band Fall Out Boy have announced that they will be releasing their own parody of the frustrating but terribly addictive game app later this week.

The band shared the news via Twitter on Monday:

Called “Fall Out Bird,” the preview looks similar to the 8-bit-like game. The only difference so far seems to that you must guide the members of Fall Out Boy through gaps between pipes of varying heights instead of a crudely coded bird.

Only meant to be “a game that people could enjoy for a few minutes,” Flappy Bird became a global phenomenon thanks to its simple but highly addictive format. Sadly, the game’s creator, programmer Dong Nguyen, took down the app on Monday citing the attention he received for it was “extremely uncomfortable,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

We too would feel uncomfortable if we received this Flappy Bird review: “I would, in a heartbeat, sell my soul to Satan just to have never downloaded this app.”

But will Fall Out Boy’s version be enough to satiate fans of the original game? We’ll have to find out when the app hits the App Store and Google Play “as soon [as] it’s approved,” said the band on Twitter.

[Via Digital Spy]

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