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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves…Again

Posted on February 8, 2014 by

When it comes to celebrities, there’s no shortage of haters. And in another edition of Mean Tweets last night (the sixth one, btw), we have Jennifer Garner, Cate Blanchett and everyone’s fave new actor Benedict Cumberbatch getting a taste of some serious haterade.

“My mom thinks that Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like a Q-tip,” one said, as JGL tried his best to look upset and not mildly amused.

“I wanna pee in Sarah Silverman’s face. No reason behind it,” the comedienne said. “No reason needed!” she shot back.

But one of the best tweets came out to be pretty X-rated. And poor John Goodman was the target of that joke.

“That ‘butter’ that they put on your popcorn at movie theaters?” Goodman read out loud. “It’s actually made from John Goodman’s ball sweat.”

Yikes. But on the plus side, at least he’s still laughing his way to the bank with a successful comedy career. So much for the haters!!

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