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See Photos Of The Jonas Family With Baby Alena Rose

Posted on February 7, 2014 by
Pictures of Kevin, Joe and Nick holding Alena for the first time

“Make it feel like the first time” and the first time it is as the Jonas clan meets the newest member of their growing family, Alena Rose.

Ever since the birth of Kevin Jonas’s daughter last Sunday, the fans have been waiting to see pictures of new Uncles Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas meeting their days-old niece. The wait is now over as they were kind enough to share adorable photos with fans.

While in town for New York Fashion Week, Nick and Joe stopped by Kevin and wife Danielle’s home in New Jersey to meet the tiny Alena Rose.

Joe shared the first photo of him and Alena together on Instagram Wednesday. “Welcome to this world Alena Jonas. #littlebaby #shessosmall #woah,” he captioned the photo.

On the same day, her grandparents, Kevin Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas, also shared their first moments with Alena over Instagram.

Papa Jonas (as he’s known by the fans) even changed his Twitter name to help welcome Alena into the world:

Nick Jonas would later post of photo of him holding the new born babe on Thursday with the caption, “beautiful niece Alena Rose.”

Mom and dad Kevin and Danielle have been sharing photos with fans on Twitter and Instagram throughout the week. It was Danielle who shared the first photo of Alena after she came home from the hospital on Wednesday.

That night she also gave fans a look into life with a newborn by snapping pics of one of the first all-nighters. “If it wasn’t for Kev. Late night fussy girl pants. Then having a panic attack and him cuddling me. Love you #teamwork #alenarose,” she said on Instagram.

“It still blows me away this is my life!” Kevin said on Instagram Wednesday.

Now that his family is home he shared a photo yesterday of all his girls: puppies, baby and wife. (We must say, Danielle is looking great for just having had a baby).

Only five days old and Alena Rose is one of the most popular babies around. We can’t wait to see more photos of the Jonas girl.

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