Lily Allen Frolics With Butterflies and Zebras In Her New “Air Balloon” Music Video

Posted on February 7, 2014 by

Lily Allen has cemented her comeback by releasing yet another music video, this time for her latest poppy happy hit, “Air Balloon.”

Out of courtesy I must warn you, if watching high speed car chases on TV makes you sick, this may not be for you.

From a vast open field in Africa to outer space, “Air Balloon” will take you to new places. The sensory altering video is a perfect representation of the lyrics in the song. It’s all about bring confused about your surroundings and drifting off into day dreams about the impossible.

Spinning around in the sky with butterflies, being passed from one Lily Allen to another while she sings, watching mushrooms grow not unlike a scene from Alice in Wonderland (any version, really) and almost being hit by a crucifix shaped space rock, you’ll be trip, trip, trippin’ alright.

Allen is on a musical roll this week with her latest music video following the debut of yet another song, “L8 CMMR”. Allen announced Wednesday that the song will play during an upcoming episode of HBO’s Girls and will also appear on the third season’s soundtrack (out Feb. 11).

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