Anna Kendrick And Rebel Wilson Will Return For Pitch Perfect 2

Posted on February 7, 2014 by
Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect

It’s official: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will rejoin the Barden Bellas for Pitch Perfect 2.

The original Pitch Perfect movie follows Beca (Kendrick), a rebellious freshman who experiences the intense collegiate accapella competition world after she joins her school’s all-girl group, the Barden Bella at the insistence of her father.

While the movie’s studio has yet to release the plot of  the sequel, we do know that it will be directed by Elizabeth Banks (who played a commentator in the original) and is scheduled for release on May 15, 2015.

It looks like devoted fans of the cult classic aren’t the only ones excited for the Bellas return. Wilson expressed her own brand of enthusiasm on Twitter late Thursday night:

Just let that image burn into your memory.

There is yet no word on which of the other Bellas will be making their return. We’re going to cross our fingers and hope for all of them because they were all so special in their own ways.

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