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Sorry But One Direction Cafés Aren’t Happening

Posted on February 5, 2014 by
One Direction in the Midnight Memories Music Video

“I’ll have one hot chocolate with whip cream and a Harry Styles bobble head please.”

Imagine opening a big red door and stepping into a chic cafe where One Direction’s music serenades you as you walked to the counter to order a “Big Louis Tomlinson” sandwich (That’s a BLT in case you didn’t get it). Sounds lovely, right? We thought so too and for a hot second, the world hoped so hard that this could become a reality and turned that hope into yet another One Direction rumour.

The word on the virtual street was that the British boy band were set to open a chain of One Direction branded cafés all across the world in the same vein of Planet Hollywood. According to The U.K.’s Daily Star, “The coffee shops, which will be decorated with band memorabilia, are intended to become a meeting place for their hysterical fans” with the first one opening in Japan in the next few weeks.

But before you get too excited (like I did) a 1D rep has confirmed that the reports are false; “There are no plans to open 1D Coffee shops currently,” the rep told Sugarscape.

Even though we won’t be getting a One Direction branded coffee shop any time soon — if ever — we thought we’d let our imaginations run wide and put together a little business plan for this type of restaurant. So voila! ANDPOP’s wild dream of a One Direction café!

Naturally, there would have to be a 1D cafe in Toronto (somewhere along Queen St. sounds good). The exterior would be British inspired with small windows, a high ceiling and outdoor seating (for the warmer seasons of course).

One Direction on the red carpet

The walls would be lined with photos from the band on tour, at red carpet events and promo photos. The shop would also have TVs that played their music videos, behind-the-scenes videos and feature films on a constant loop. Only songs from the band’s three albums would play over the speakers.

There would be themed days/events including a weekly 1D karaoke night, a movie night where the shop would play This is Us on all the TVs, and a “dress like your favourite band member” costume party at Halloween.

The menu would include drinks, meals and snacks influenced by Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry which would include: Louis’ carrot muffins, green root beer for Niall (can’t forget the Irish), Vas Happenin’ vanilla flavoured drinks, cupcakes by Harry, and Liam Payneinis (as in panini’s, get it?!).

The best part? The shop would sell exclusive merchandise like band member bobble heads, 1D reusable water bottles, 1D tumblers and mugs.

This imaginary coffee shop sounds so cool that not only would I go there for lunch, I’d want to work there!

We can only hope the boys and management see how successful these cafes could be and that one day they become a reality. But until then, we can only dream.

Would you go to a One Direction themed cafe? What 1D inspired items would you want to see on the menu?

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