The Originals Ep. 13 Recap: Crescent City

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The Originals Crescent Moon Recap

Celeste (in Sabine’s body) pretty much owns New Orleans now. Papa T offered himself up last week, so she kinda has all the power. All of it.

SOURCE: thevampirediariesfansite.net

SOURCE: thevampirediariesfansite.net

Bastianna, an old witch who’s in cahoots with Celeste, hexed Father Kieran. So, Father K went and told Cami that what happened to her twin brother would happen to him. Cami insisted there must be a way out of this, and Genevieve (another witch on Team Celeste) confirmed her thinking: take Papa T’s blade and stab Klaus in the heart. Instead, Cami handed over the blade to Klaus citing if there’s a war, she wanted to be on the winning side.

Monique (Sophie’s niece who was one of the four sacrificed in the harvest) has conveniently resurrected. Marcel asked Monique and Sophie to bring back the other three witches because he misses Davina. Later, Marcel cornered Rebekah and told her about Genevieve’s return. She apparently knows some of Marcekah’s (Marcel and Rebekah) darkest secrets. Rebekah instructed Marcel to end her like they did last time.

SOURCE: zap2it.com

SOURCE: zap2it.com

Elijah asked Rebekah to take Hailey to the plantation where she threw a partay for her wolfy friends. Rebekah got her groove on with a gorgeous (and at times, very naked) wolf named Oliver. Hailey chatted up Jackson—a wolf she was supposedly destined to marry! Jackson explained how New Orleans was a wolf town, the vamps came afterwards, the wolves didn’t back down, so the witches cursed them to stay in their wolf form forever. Oh, and apparently, Hailey’s real name is Andrea. Rebekah made out with Oliver in woods. Sadly, it was a set up to distract her from Hailey, and then the wolves attacked Rebekah.

SOURCE: vampirediaries.alloyentertainment.com

SOURCE: vampirediaries.alloyentertainment.com

Elijah figured out Sabine was really Celeste. It wasn’t the great reunion we’d hoped for because Celeste was still bitter that Klaus killed her while Elijah stood by his brother’s side. She weakened him and forced him to choose only one person to save: Klaus, Hailey or Rebekah. And, guess who he chose? That’s right: Hailey.

Klaus compelled Father Kieran to resist the powers of the hex to no avail. Klaus witch-napped Monique in an attempt to get Bastianna to unhex Father Kieran, but Sophie showed up and stabbed Klaus with the blade and he fell over.


Hailey said goodbye to her new friend/destined husband, Jackson and promised she’d find a way to break the wolf curse. Elijah vowed he’d kill all the witches for hurting Klaus & Rebekah. (Sidenote: Celeste is the only witch alive who can break the curse on Hailey’s family. Meh, you win some, you lose some.)

Bastianna told Cami her uncle will die & the witches will rise again. Meanwhile, Sophie insisted Monique and her run away. Monique said no and proceeded to make Sophie bleed out of every orifice in her face, and walked off with Celeste, Genevieve & Bastianna.


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